Head and Neck Cancer

Over the past 15 years, despite a reduction in the number of people smoking cigarettes, the incidence of head and neck squamous cell cancer (HNSCC, including oropharyngeal and pharyngeal cancers) has not declined. The growing subset of HNSCCs associated with HPV are thought to be largely responsible for this. These cancers seen in a younger non-smoking population are biologically and clinically distinct from carcinogen-induced HNSCC, often associated with sexual behavior, and overall have a better prognosis (1). Early detection screening programs amongst at-risk populations are not in place, and often diagnosis is delayed.

CGI has designed and developed the FISH-based HPV-Associated Cancer Test (FHACT®) that assesses biomarkers commonly detected in HPV-associated cancers and that are observed with higher frequencies in lesions with increasing severity. FHACT® has been optimized to perform on FFPE (formalin-fixed paraffin embedded tissue) specimens.


1. Allen CT, Lewis JS, Jr., El-Mofty SK, Haughey BH, Nussenbaum B. Human papillomavirus and oropharynx cancer: biology, detection and clinical implications. Laryngoscope;120(9):1756-72.

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